KeyTerrain can produce up to OneSAF 10 and has variable page and geotile resolution support.  This allows higher fidelity insets with larger area export ability at a lower resolution.  KeyTerrain can also produce UHRBs automatically in the areas of interest to support dismount training.   


KeyTerrain can produce highly detailed terrains for Unreal engine up to the currently available 4.26.1. These terains can be generated as stand alone game based terrains or fully correlated to the OneSAF terrain. Our process enables fast terrain generation in Unreal using commonly available source data or can be polished to meet customer needs.  


The correlated data produced by  KeyTerrain is directly ingestable into the VBS World server. This makes the VBS terrain fully correlated to all other KeyTerrain outputs.

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Our terrain engineers have over a combined 50 years of experiance generating coorelated visual databases for most of the popular IGs and runtime engines out there.  Our team is ready to support your needs in any runtime format that is required.

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